Research groups

The research and innovation activities on enabling technologies of ITIA-CNR are organized in core competence areas, mastered by seven Research Departments. Such Departments cover complementary and synergic research domains, whose integration allows the definition of innovative factories, considering all the different aspects involved: from business model to logistics, systems, machines and devices. The enabling technologies and tools developed by the Research Departments are used to realize physical pilot factories, at the moment four, which represent valuable platforms to support industrial research and the transfer of research results to companies.

key words

Adaptive Factory Automation, Advanced Machine Control, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Business Models, Consumer Centred Manufacturing, Cutting Process, Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficient and Green Production, Environment-Robot Interaction Control, Human Factors, Human-Robot Interaction Control, Industrial Product Service Systems, Life Cycle Management, Machine Tools, Manufacturing Strategy, Mechatronics, Micro Assembly, Micro EDM, Micro Injection Moulding, Micro Manufacturing, Micro Robotics, Multi Robot Cooperation, Robot Design, Dynamics and Control, Semantic Web and Ontology, Sustainability, Virtual Factory, Virtual Prototyping.

DASM Dynamic Analysis and Simulation of Machinery
Machine Tools; Mechatronics; Cutting Process; Energy Efficiency; Virtual Prototyping.

MEDIS Micro Enabled Devices and Systems
Micro Manufacturing; Micro Robotics; Micro Assembly; Micro EDM; Micro Injection Moulding.

IRAS Intelligent and Autonomous Robot Systems
Human-Robot Interaction Control; Environment-Robot Interaction Control; Robot Design, Dynamics and Control; Multi Robot Cooperation.

2MaCS Machine and Manufacturing Control Systems
Advanced Machine Control; Adaptive Factory Automation; Energy Efficient and Green Production; Consumer Centred Manufacturing.

EVA Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications
Augmented & Virtual Reality; Virtual Factory; Semantic Web and Ontology; Human Factors.

MBM Manufacturing Business Models
Business Models; Industrial Product Service Systems; Manufacturing Strategy; Life Cycle Management; Sustainability.

ISP Intelligent Sensing and Perception
Advanced Perception; Vision Systems; Real-Time Signal Processing; Multisensor Data Fusion; Mobile Robotics; Sensor and Robot Networks; Decision Making; Design and Control of Intelligent Devices.