Cooperation and management of programmes and projects

Cooperation and management of programmes and projects

STIIMA collaborates on RTD&I projects with firms, universities and research centers for International, European, national and regional manufacturing industries.

There are at present more than 40 research projects underway comprising more than 90 persons which includes employees, researchers and Ph. D. students.

In this scenario, STIIMA acts as a coordinator of business groups and consortium and managing regional, national, European and international projects.

Currently STIIMA is acting as Coordinator of a number of EU 7PQ and H2020 projects, national clusters and regional tenders.

This Project Management forms part of the STIIMA Strategic Head Office and consist in the following activities:

  • Coordination of international, European, national and regional RTD Projects
  • Management support along all the project life cycle: preparation and negotiation, activity and resource planning, monitoring and contractual/administrative management
  • Definition and implementation of the dissemination instruments for the research results (web sites, conferences, publications)
  • Development of project management technologies and research-based document management

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