Roadmapping Activities, Foresight Strategic Studies

STIIMA inspired the creation of ManuFuture platform, and it is a founding member of the European Association for the Factories of the Future (EFFRA), which goal is engaging in a contractual Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Horizon2020; in this contest STIIMA is one of the creators of EFFRA Strategic Multiannual Roadmap that indicates guidelines for research activities and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

At national Level, STIIMA is one of the founding member of the national Association "Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente", and it's working with MIUR and MISE on the strategic definition of the priorities of research, based on its technological Roadmap.

Furthermore, STIIMA is involved in the Flagship Project "Fabbrica del Futuro" (founded by MIUR), that aims at promoting scientific and technological research in order to strengthen the Italian manufacturing sector.

Together with Regione Lombardia, STIIMA is promoting the "Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia", that is entitled as the main organization for the regional research inSTIIMAtives regarding manufacturing sector.

Moreover, in order to plan and guide the research starting from present and future needs in manufacturing industries, STIIMA performs strategic studies to:

  • Understand the state of art of technology in manufacturing companies in several industrial contests, their limits on making innovation and enablers factors;
  • Research about trends of evolution of different markets in order to anticipate the emerged manufactures needs;
  • Verify the sustainability of the research products, analyzing the benefits that companies draw and the connected problems.

The results are useful not only to direct interior research activities, but also as a contribution on the definition of financial programs of research on national and European level.

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