The objective of the laboratory is the conception, design, development and commissioning of prototypes for special applications in the field of additive manufacturing and subtractive technologies.

The requirements of the developed applications combine aspects of advanced research and elements of industrial innovation at product/process level. As such, they require the development of advanced algorithms and integrated solutions for interpolation and motion control, which are able to exploit innovative machine architectures.

In the laboratory, starting from an analysis of the requirements and performances required at product and process level, the integrated project of the advanced mechatronic and control solution is addressed, which results in the realisation of the final prototype.

  • Linux based PC with real time performance
  • stations and software for Ethercat management
  • components for Digital/Analog I/O management for Ethercat
  • boards and components for on-board machine management, PLC; field bus and alarms
  • design and development of mechatronic solutions based on redundant architectures for innovative applications
  • design and development of PC-based solutions in a Linux real-time environment for motion control of special additive manufacturing and milling applications