The Bio-SimPro-Lab is a research laboratory that develops methods for the analysis of electrophysiological signals and biomedical images, also based on the use of artificial intelligence, with the main scope of application linked to the topic of health and well-being.

The laboratory has EEG and EMG acquisition systems to record cerebral and muscular electrical activity for the characterization of neurological/neuromuscular pathologies, for the evaluation of the effects of rehabilitation or specific treatments and for the study of cognitive performances, useful in various experimental applications.

More generally, the methods used and developed within the laboratory find application in various areas such as prevention even in the workplace, human/machine interaction and the evaluation of psychophysical well-being even in the presence of frailty or disability.

  • 32-channel EEG system (ANT Eego Sports) and 8-channel EEG system (ANT Eego mini) – The devices, light and compact, are suitable for experimental applications that require freedom of movement.
  • 16 channel EMG system
  • Development, testing and validation of methods and algorithms for the extraction of muscular, musculo-kinematic and functional synergies and motor control research applications and clinical and rehabilitation scenarios.
  • Analysis of human movement with marker-based and marker-less systems.
  • Development of advanced EEG signal analysis methods for the evaluation of brain connectivity and for the extraction of biomarkers to evaluate rehabilitation outcomes and to measure cognitive performance related to psychophysical well-being.
  • Development of advanced quantitative analysis methods of multiparametric MRI images of the central nervous system and skeletal muscle for the characterization and evaluation of physiological or pathological conditions.
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence methods for the analysis of biomedical signals and images with particular attention to Deep Learning approaches.