The laboratory is located at the University of Brescia and hosts research activities shared between STIIMA and the University Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The main areas of study are related to advanced robotics, hybrid human-robot production systems and optimisation of automated manufacturing processes.


Research activities focus on the development and implementation of innovative solutions for human-robot collaboration in industry, with particular reference to complex assembly and handling operations, and on the use of elastic and flexible manipulators.

    • a robotized cell composed of:
      • Universal Robots UR10 collaborative robota linear guide (seventh axis)

        viewing system for object recognition and operator monitoring

        radar sensors to ensure operator safety

        automatic screwing system that can be used by the robot and the operator

    • two prototypal collaborative robots with elastic joints
  • development of autonomous robotic systems integrating perception, planning, implementation and interaction with humans
  • development of motion planning and control algorithms for optimising manufacturing processes
  • development of methods for human-robot interaction (motion planning and execution, force and impedance control, human-robot interfaces)
  • development of control methods for flexible and elastic manipulators for reducing the forces exchanged between humans and robot in the event of impact.