The laboratory’s aim is to design and develop advanced algorithms and integrated solutions for motion control in the field of additive manufacturing and subtractive technologies. The activity focuses on special and frontier applications related to additive manufacturing and milling, where the problem of machine control, in both motion and logic control, requires advanced algorithms for the interpolation of motion axes and the tool, and innovative technologies for motion control. The developed solutions take full advantage of the characteristics of complex and redundant mechatronic architectures, allowing the interpolated use of 5 or more axes, both motion and process, to achieve advanced applications in human-centred sectors, such as fashion and footwear, orthosis and prosthesis/exoskeleton.

  • Experimental machine for milling applications
  • Experimental CO2 laser machine for cutting, marking and engraving of leather applications for the fashion sector
  • Experimental additive manufacturing machine
  • Test bench for motor servo-drives control
  • Nd:YAG laser bench
  • PC with real-time performance
  • Design and development of PC-based solution with Linux RTOS, for motion control of special applications in the additive manufacturing and milling
  • Development of CAM based solutions for data preprocessing for additive manufacturing applications.