The main activity of this laboratory is mechanical pre-treatment for end-of-life products, aimed at segregating the constituent target materials.

Different crushing and separation technologies exist in the laboratory which exploit the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties of the materials to separate them and direct them to the appropriate recycling processes. In addition, a pneumatic conveying system allows for safe treatment, avoiding material dispersion.

The plant is used in research projects and for industrial demonstrations, aimed at defining innovative processes for the treatment of products with high added value.

  • single-shaft crusher
  • blade crusher
  • ultra-centrifugal crusher
  • pneumatic conveying system
  • industrial vibrating screen
  • Corona electrostatic separator
  • eddy-current separator
  • computerised particle analyser (CPA)
  • mechanical pre-treatment of lithium-ion batteries
  • mechanical pre-treatment of composite material
  • mechanical pre-treatment of electrical and electronic waste
  • feasibility studies for the treatment of high value-added end-of-life products