The equipment in the Electron Microscopy laboratory allows accurate three-dimensional morphological analyses to be carried out at high magnification and high resolution (SEM) on all solid substrates of textile materials. These are analysed at all stages of processing (fibres, tapes, yarns, fabrics), also applying Elemental Microanalysis (SEM-EDXS), Infrared Microspectroscopy (Micro-FTIR) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Surface properties, fibrous composition and other structural details of textile materials are documented by following the changes induced by processing, functional treatments and use in different sectors.

The laboratory is frequented by researchers and technicians involved in many research lines of the Institute and carries out support activities on behalf of third parties for numerous companies in the textile sector.

  • Cambridge Stereoscan 240 scanning electron microscope
  • Zeiss EVO 10 scanning electron microscope
  • EDXS Oxford ISIS microanalysis system
  • Pacific Nanotechnology Nano-R2 SPM atomic force microscope
  • FT-IR Nicolet iN10 microscope
  • Reichert-Jung BIOCUT microtome
  • Quorumtech Q150R-ES sputtering and carbon coater
  • microscopic investigations of textile materials
  • morphological documentation of surfaces and measurements at high magnifications
  • identification and composition analysis of mixed textile fibres
  • study of functionalisations (coating, etching, in-situ polymerisation, etc.)
  • analysis of chemical and physical treatments and damage