The laboratory is a research and development facility for process automation and supervision systems using advanced control techniques, mathematical programming and artificial intelligence. The activity is focused on different topics, ranging from energy-aware production scheduling to automatic learning of behaviour models/energy consumption of processes and real-time line edge optimisation, with verticalisation on both process and discrete manufacturing industries. Efficiency and adaptability of systems, production processes and plants (including co-generation systems) are the primary objectives of the laboratory’s activities, carried out within the framework of regional, national and European initiatives and in collaboration with universities and national and international research centres. It also works actively with industrial companies on research projects and specific industrial orders.

  • 5 Workstation including GPUs, Nvidia Jetson Developer kits for edge computing
  • Matlab-Simulink environment
  • Gurobi optimizer suite
  • Open-source libraries and tools for data analysis and optimization
  • conception, design and development of energy-aware planning and scheduling systems
  • conception, design and development of advanced control and real-time optimisation systems
  • data analysis and development of predictive models using identification and machine learning techniques
  • implementation of advanced automation/supervision systems in SCADA/DCS/PLC platforms
  • pre-commissioning experimentation in closed-loop simulation on process models