The laboratory provides support for research activities. The tests carried out make it possible to characterise textile materials, assess their physical and mechanical performance and verify the effectiveness of experimental treatments.

The laboratory tests are carried out according to national and international standards (UNI EN, IWTO, ASTM) on equipment that is periodically checked and calibrated, including through participation in round trials to verify the correct application of the methods.

At the same time, analysis activities are carried out on behalf of third parties for companies in the sector, both as regards the characterisation of materials and verification of performance and for the solution of problems inherent in the processing phases.

  • Almeter PEYER AL 100 fibre length measuring device
  • OFDA – Optical Fibre Diameter Analyser
  • Instron 5500 dynamometer
  • Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester – Abrasion and Pilling Tester
  • FAST – Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing equipment
  • KES – Kawabata Evaluation System equipment
  • MTNW Sweating Guarded Hotplate (SGHP) 8.2 Skin Model thermal resistance tester
  • TruBurst pneumatic burst strength tester
  • C-THERM thermal conductivity meter
  • Textest FX 3000 hydrostatic pressure resistance tester
  • Textest FX 3300 air permeability tester
  • R-4021 electrostatic voltmeter for measuring electrical resistance
  • EasyDrop Kruss contact angle measuring instrument
  • dynamometric tests on fibres, yarns, fabrics, medical nets
  • determination of fibre gauge and length
  • measurement of thermal properties of fabrics
  • measurement of physical and mechanical properties of fabrics with FAST and KES systems
  • bursting resistance
  • air and water permeability tests
  • fabric pilling and abrasion resistance tests
  • characterisation of yarns and fabrics: title, twist