The activities carried out in this laboratory concern the extrusion process for blending composites of interest for research activities or for applications in advanced manufacturing.

Since thermomechanical history greatly influences the properties of polymers, the extrusion process is analysed and the process parameters optimised in order to control the internal structure and properties of the products. In addition, mixtures of polymers and micro or nano fillers are made in order to improve the performance of the composite and to study the effects of the presence of fillers on the internal structure of the products.

Another research topic addressed concerns the extrusion process as a means of mechanically recycling thermoplastics.

The laboratory works in close synergy with the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Systems laboratory and the Physical Characterisation laboratory at the Milan branch, and with the Micro Injection Moulding laboratory and the Mechatronics and Prototype Development laboratory at the Bari branch.

  • LabTech micro extruder
  • Memmert Excellent 400 convection oven
  • Gibertini E154 precision scale
  • production of model materials for studying the effect of process parameters on the structure and properties of polymers and composites
  • realization of micro and nano composites with advanced performances
  • mixing of post-consumer plastics
  • feasibility studies of additive manufacturing processes for customised products