The laboratory focuses mainly on the precision injection moulding process for multi-material components of both micro and meso dimensions, thanks to the availability of a high performance modular Arburg industrial press assembled according to STIIMA specifications.

The laboratory is capable of producing polymeric as well as ceramic and metal components and micro-components, thanks to the availability of interchangeable modules. Various auxiliary systems are also available to ensure high quality production: KISTLER cavity pressure and temperature monitoring system, cavity vacuum system, compressed air extraction system, compression injection system and hydraulic feed systems for independent handling.

The most important areas of research concern the study of materials and mixtures both polymeric and combined with ceramic and metal powders, the development and production of biomedical components and devices (lab on chip, microfluidic devices, etc.), the development and production of components for the automotive and aerospace sectors, prototyping with resin moulds made using additive manufacturing techniques.

  • injection moulding machine (micro/meso/ceramic/metal) Arburg Allrounder 270A
  • REGLOPLAS 140S Smart temperature controller
  • REGLOPLAS 90S Smart temperature controller
  • Gibertini E154 precision balance
  • Optika stereomicroscope
  • Kistler pressure/temperature monitoring system
  • National Instrument analogue/digital signal acquisition boards
  • Labview-based signal processing software
  • HP Proliant multiprocessor computing system
  • study of rheological process behaviour in micro and meso cavities
  • micro and meso injection moulding process monitoring
  • study and development of Digital Twin protocols for continuous closed-loop process monitoring
  • process and product design and simulation
  • production and validation of micro and meso prototypes
  • moulding tests for the validation of polymeric materials
  • ceramic and metal injection moulding
  • design and development of microfluidic devices (Lab on Chip) for biomedical applications
  • study of resin and metal moulds made using additive manufacturing technologies