The scientific Vision and Imaging disciplines are constantly evolving and are at the centre of in-depth study by the entire Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence scientific community.

The Sensing and Imaging Lab is mainly dedicated to the processing of visual and multidimensional data in order to find solutions for the main problems related to visual processing and perception, covering research activities ranging from computer vision and pattern recognition to machine learning and artificial intelligence, in different areas of application.

The laboratory is equipped with high-performance computing tools and machines for the acquisition and processing of images and multidimensional data for monitoring environments, products and processes.

  • 3D reconstruction system for microstructures
  • 3 workstations with Intel Xeon CPUs (256 GB RAM, high-capacity SSD storage and high-speed framegrabbers)
  • 3D printer (print area: diameter 400 mm, height 670 mm; layer resolution 100 μm)
  • industrial RGB cameras
  • RGB-D cameras
  • laser systems
  • multispectral and hyperspectral image acquisition station
  • environment and infrastructure monitoring
  • quality control and inspection
  • video surveillance and monitoring of human activities
  • detection, tracking and re-identification of people
  • non-destructive evaluation of agri-food products
  • event analysis with very high temporal resolution