The Scientific Dissemination Advisory Board (SDAB) Commission aims to foster and stimulate the individual growth of fellow researchers and technologists, with reference to scientific dissemination. It provides support and information, organises courses and awards prizes for publications. It also supports the Directorate in the process of assessing the quality of research and in defining, promoting and monitoring the related strategic objectives. It proposes corresponding requirements for staff career plans.

Quality Assurance (QA) commission

The purpose of the Quality Assurance (QA) Commission is to structure proposals for the continuous improvement of the institute and to manage monitoring activities, through the analysis of processes, the formalisation of procedures and the assurance of organisational well-being.

Task Force Communication (TFComm)

Task Force Communication (TFComm) manages communication activities towards all the Institute’s stakeholders, both external and internal, by monitoring online and offline channels and organising press conferences and events. It identifies and analyses new communication objectives and implements them in the Communication Plan, which is periodically updated.