CNR-STIIMA is involved in standardisation activities by participating in national and international technical committees. In addition, CNR-STIIMA supports organisations in their standardisation processes by developing new standards or adopting existing standards and carrying out the necessary technical tests, analyses and reports.


Partnerships with standardisation bodies (UNI, ISO, IEC)

CNR and UNI (the Italian Standardisation Body) have signed a framework agreement for a series of joint actions for the development of pre-standardisation and standardisation activities. In this scenario, CNR-STIIMA experts participate in the development of new standard designs at national and international level.

The thematic areas of standardisation in which the Institute is focused concern Industry 4.0, textiles, safety in robotics, geographic information, sustainability and circular economy. In these areas CNR-STIIMA experts participate in the following technical committees at national level:


CNR-STIIMA is also present in the following European and international technical standardisation committees:


Participation in other standardisation initiatives

In the same areas, CNR-STIIMA is actively engaged in international voluntary certification initiatives:


Participation in communities for the promotion of research and standardisation

Finally, CNR-STIIMA participates in national and international communities presiding over specific areas and monitors and promotes standardisation: