CNR-STIIMA offers its scientific knowledge and technical expertise to promote activities of cooperation with enterprises aimed at industrial development and innovation. Framed within the CNR’s Third Mission, this cooperation takes the form of consultancy through research contracts for industries and technological transfer, third-party services, and regulation activities.

CNR-STIIMA responds to the various demands from industrial partners in several fields of application. In particular, CNR-STIIMA offers scientific and technological support for

  • processes development
  • development of hardware and software products and prototypes
  • technological support and application of integrated methodologies
  • process/product monitoring and data analysis for their performance enhancement
  • quality and sustainability analyses

In this context, CNR-STIIMA plays a relevant role in the enhancement of industrial transformation and innovation, yielding a proactive drive to the economy, society, and environment.

For more information:

Technology transfer activities

Textile materials for industrial sustainability

CNR-STIIMA supports companies in the implementation of production processes in the context of the textile industry and in the development, functionalisation, treatment and characterisation of materials based on fibres, fabrics, biopolymers and nanoparticles aimed at innovative and sustainable applications.

Innovative methods for the determination of the environmental impact related to textile products

CNR-STIIMA provides support to companies for the determination of the fibrous microplastics present in wastewater, deriving from textile and laundry processes, and in the water intended for human consumption, through ad hoc procedures and using spectrometric, gravimetric, thermal and microscopy methods.

Cooperative Robotics for Disassembly and Robotic Manufacturing Processes

CNR-STIIMA offers support in the development of control and motion planning systems for industrial and collaborative robots for advanced manufacturing. Expertise ranges from simulation, SW development and prototyping applications, remote robot guidance based on vision and force sensors, robotic machining, and mobile manipulators. Related activities include the design of algorithms specifically for the industrial application of interest, their testing and benchmarking with state-of-the-art and technology. The laboratories provide a variety of industrial manipulators for prototyping applications.

Advanced systems for the survey and management of information

CNR-STIIMA offers support for the creation and implementation of advanced systems for the detection and management of information. Systems can use a combination of hardware and software components to collect data from multiple sources such as color cameras, or hyper-spectral, thermal and 3D sensors.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for industrial sustainability

CNR-STIIMA provides support for the improvement of sustainability and the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in industry. Activities related to these objectives include ad hoc training, standardisation support and the development of dedicated tools. Through such partnerships, the institute helps companies understand the importance of sustainability and identify and implement solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

Systems for dynamic energy-aware optimisation of production processes

CNR-STIIMA supports companies in the mathematical modelling and optimisation of energy-intensive processes, such as in the steel industry. Optimisation models help organisations operating in this area to reduce costs in the context of participation in electricity markets, such as demand response programmes, without compromising production schedule.

Healthcare for learning and rehabilitation

CNR-STIIMA supports the design and development of robotic devices for the assistance and the neuromotor rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and impairments. The devices integrate sensors and control algorithms to foster their adaptation and personalization to patient’s needs.

Dynamic and energy characterisation of machine tools, mechatronic devices and machining processes

CNR-STIIMA provides a service for the experimental characterisation of industrial machinery. In particular, CNR-STIIMA personnel carry out experimental modal analysis, vibrometric measurements, static and geometric testing, and energy consumption analysis. The institute also offers support for the development of numerical models for machine tool design, as well as courses on the dynamics and stability of machining operations.