Research areas:

Scientific coordinator:

Tessitura Pertile s.n.c., Filatura Astro S.r.l., Nuova Cosmatex S.r.l.

End date: 2022

Start date: 2020

Duration: 24 mesi


The project concerns the development of new eco-sustainable materials for the textile industry. In the cellulosic fibers market, there is a gap between demand and supply, which cannot be filled up with an increase of the fibers production currently on the market as it would cause an increase of arable land and natural sources (water, fuel) exploitation; hence the need to search new sources of cellulosic textile fibers. The project foresees the use of fibers obtained from the leaves of pineapple plant, which currently constitute an agricoltural waste, to obtain new high quality products, creating a new production chain worldwide.