Year: 2020

Type: book-chapter

Authors: Modoni G.E.; Caldarola E.G.; Sacco M.; Wasielewska K.; Ganzha M.; Paprzycki M.; Szmeja P.; Pawlowski W.; Palau C.E.; Solarz-Niesluchowski B.

Keywords: INTER-IoT Internet-of-Things (IoT) CasAware Smart home IoT platforms Semantic interoperability

CasAware is an Ambient-Assisted Living platform, which aims at improving level of comfort and well-being of inhabitants, while optimizing energy consumption. A key feature for a successful realization of such a platform is its integration with other available/deployed IoT solutions. Indeed, this integration has to facilitate smooth communication between the CasAware platform and devices, and other IoT devices, in particular to enable the exchange of data sets among them. In this paper, we introduce an approach, followed in CasAware, to realize such integration. Specifically, the proposed solution exploits the guidelines of the INTER-IoT project, which proposed a framework for inter-platform communication. So far, various existing IoT platforms have been plugged into this framework, originating from multiple application fields, thus demonstrating the advantages of such integration, capable of disregarding the specific application context. The idea behind the herein presented study is that an INTER-IoT-based approach can guarantee enhancement of interoperability between CasAware and other platforms, thus promoting a unified view of the data, from client’s perspective, within the complete IoT ecosystem.