European Conferences on Biomedical Optics, 20/06/2021

Anno: 2021

Tipologia: contributo-in-atti-di-convegno

Autori: Pirovano, I.; Laurini, A.; Tomba, A.; Scano, A.; Re, R.; Caserta, A.; Spinelli, L.; Contini, D.; Cubeddu, R.; Panella, L.; Torricelli, A.

Keywords: NIRS,TD-NIRS,EMG,muscle,rehabilitation,patients,sarcopenia

We report on a preliminary longitudinal study on 21 elderly patients to non-invasively quantify rehabilitation outcomes in skeletal muscle after bed-rest by a combined approach based on TD-NIRS (for hemodynamics) and sEMG (for myoelectric recordings).