IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2021,, Nantes, France, 05/09/2021, 09/09/2021

Anno: 2021

Tipologia: contributo-in-atti-di-convegno

Autori: Fornasiero R.; Zangiacomi A.

Keywords: Supply Chain,Digital technologies,Social trends,Industry 5.0,Human centric approach

This work aims to study the evolution of Supply Chain (SC) towards Society 5.0 paradigm proposing a set of SCs to enhance the active role of involved stakeholders leveraging on digital technologies. Social macro-trends indeed strongly impact on companies’ business creating the urgent need to significantly adapt the way their SCs are organized and interlinked. The work is based on a consultation with experts representing different kind of companies, industrial sectors, function, role in the SC and research fields. Results lead to the identification of possible SCs for the future, and among them, three solutions seems to particularly fit current challenges related to the evolution of society: Human-centric SC, SC for active citizens and SC in urban context. According to the identified SCs, specific issues are presented and possible solutions basing on new technologies have been mapped with the support of experts. The need to integrate strategies at industrial and societal level urge thus for a new holistic way where business eco-system capabilities merge with civil society needs for have people wellbeing as a major priority.