Scientific coordinator:

Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis And Information Systems (DE)
AgriCircle AG (CH)
Certh (EL)
Agro Apps I.K.E. (GR)
Università del Salento (IT)
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)
National Observatory of Athens (GR)
Agrosphere Institute (DE)
Soil And Water Resources Institute (GR)
ETAM SA – Consulting SERVICES (GR)
Politecnico di Bari (IT)
Technische Hochschule Köln (DE)
Statiunea DE Cercetare Dezvoltare Pentru Viticultura Si Vinificatie Murfatlar (RO)
German Agricultural Society (DE)
Robot Makers GMBH (DE)
Meteomatics AG (CH)
Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas Societad Limitada (ES)
Seelmeyer & Woltering Kg (DE)
Latvia Fruit Growers Association (LV)
Kunne Besten GMBH & co Kg (DE)
Lieder Falk (DE)
Munchhoff Friedrich-Christian (DE)
Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture (LV)
Fodjan GMBH (DE)
Fröhlich Peter (CH)
Oikonomou Stamatis (GR)
Agricultural Cooperative “Kissavos” (GR)
Azo Anwendungszentrum GMBH Oberpfaffenhofen (DE)
Institute of Horticulture LatHort (LV)
Ktima Gerovassiliou Oinopoiia Anonymi Etaria (GR)

Type: H2020

End date: 2023

Start date: 2019

Duration: 46

Overall budget: € 15.406.420,00

Funding: € 12.890.976,25

CNR cost: € 314.493,75

CNR funding: € 314.493,75

STIIMA budget: € 239.493,75

STIIMA funding: € 239.493,75

Coordinator: Fraunhofer

Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System

The goal of ATLAS is to achieve a new level of interoperability of agricultural machines, sensors and data services. ATLAS enables farmers to have full control over their data: farmers decide which data is shared with whom in which place. ATLAS will build an open, distributed and extensible data platform based on a service-oriented architecture which offers a high level of scalability from a single farm to a global community. The technology developed in ATLAS will be tested and evaluated within pilot studies on a multitude of real agricultural operations across Europe along several use cases, e.g.: precision agriculture tasks, sensor-driven irrigation management, data-based soil management and behavioural analysis of livestock. ATLAS will involve all actors along the food chain, simplifying and improving the processes from farm to fork. Through the support of innovative start-ups, SMEs and farmers, ATLAS will enable new business models for and with the farmers and establish sustainable business ecosystems based on innovative data-driven services.

Key research outcomes: