Scientific coordinator:

Università del Salento (IT)
Università della Tuscia (IT)
Gruppo FOS (IT)
Bonifiche Ferraresi (IT)
Gruppo Italiano Vini (IT)
Cantina di Ruvo (IT)
Cantina San Donaci (IT)

Type: PON

End date: 2023

Start date: 2020

Duration: 36

Overall budget: € 9.265.229,89

Funding: € 4.632.614,95

CNR cost: € 3.791.053,57

CNR funding: € 1.895.526,79

STIIMA budget: € 232.111,00

STIIMA funding: € 116.055,50

E-CROPS - Tecnologie per l'agricoltura Digitale Sostenibile

E-crops aims at developing and integrating new technologies with the ambition of promoting the transition of precision agriculture to Agriculture 4.0 in close connection with Industry 4.0. E-crops intends to help the development and diffusion of Agriculture 4.0 in Southern Italy: i) developing innovative technologies and methodologies to manage crops and the risks to which they are exposed; ii) inserting the new technologies in the supply chain, through a series of pilot applications able to monitor and manage the processes according to company objectives. Decision support tools will be developed, through the close interaction between business needs and monitoring and analysis methodologies, which allow to manage the spatial variability of the field both to increase the quality of the final product (on high value-added supply chains), and to management optimization in terms of sustainability (on industrial supply chains).