Scientific coordinator:

Leonardo S.p.A. (IT)
Aviorec S.r.l (IT)
MAE S.p.a (IT)

Type: MISE

End date: 2024

Start date: 2019

Duration: 56,5

Overall budget: € 42.042.800,00

Funding: € 26.135.476,00

CNR cost: € 4.380.000,00

CNR funding: € 2.773.209,00

STIIMA budget: € 1.700.000,00

STIIMA funding: € 1.105.000,00

Lampo: Leonardo Automated Manufacturing Processes for COmposites

LAMPO project objective is the analysis and improvement of industrial processes for the production of stabilizers (both horizontal and vertical) in composite (composite with polymer matrix and long fiber), since current processes rely on limited automation or no automation at all. In particular, stabilizers are big airfoils meant for stabilizing the flight of the aircraft and have been for a long time one of the primary business for Leonardo, with application on parts production for aircrafts such as AMX, ATR, Boeing 787, Airbus A220 (formerly Bombardier C-Series).
Production processes, although strictly supervised and inspected, can sometimes create defects in the final product. Moreover, it is possible that unexpected events could damage or break some parts. Therefore, it is critical to study and design new processes for repairing those components in an effective manner. Indeed, current state of the art for repairing composite manufacts rely on manual procedures and can be performed only by highly trained operators. These activities are time consuming and precision is of primary importance. For these reasons, the process must be automated, both in the automatic manipulation of the parts and in sensing and decision making required for the identification of anomalous parts and the restoration of the surface, after removing the defect.