Scientific coordinator:

Recuperi Pugliesi

Type: POC Puglia FESR

End date: 2024

Start date: 2022

Duration: 18

Overall budget: 35679,82

Funding: 35679,82

CNR funding: 35679,82

STIIMA funding: 35679,82

Coordinator: Rossella Surace

MANUfacturing of Recycled-Waste-Materials based FOAMs

The ManuReFoam project aims at polymers and metals waste reduction and promotes their green recycling towards the reuse in electromagnetic interference shielding applications and building construction. The main focus is on the manufacturing of foams realized by recycled polymers, doped with carbon and metal fillers, which can be retrieved by waste. In this viewpoint, creating a context that improves the economics and use of recycled products is essential for retrieving values from secondary resources.

The processing of these foamed structures obtained by combining recycled polymers and metal particles is beyond a state-of-art research topic. It has a two-fold pursuit, such as the reuse of diverse recycled plastic materials and the de-manufacturing of electronic waste, along with the development of customized manufacturing processes.