Scientific coordinator:

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (IT)
Università degli Studi di Palermo (IT)
Università del Salento (IT)
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche CNR (IT)
Engineering Knowledge Accademy (IT)
Tera s.r.l. (IT)
Consorzio CALEF (IT)
GE Avio s.r.l. (IT)

Type: PON

End date: 2021

Start date: 2018

Duration: 30

Overall budget: € 9.834.393,14

Funding: € 4.749.272,26

CNR cost: € 1.500.164,00

CNR funding: € 750.082,00

STIIMA budget: € 601.790,40

STIIMA funding: € 300.895,20

OK-INSIDE - Operational Knowledge from Insights and Analytics on Industrial Data

OK-INSAID proposes scientific, technological, and application innovation in Industrial Data Analytics to help in the redesign of actual manufacturing networks and processes by leveraging data and analytics to achieve a step change in value creation, by transforming existing manufacturing processes and business models. It will integrate and demonstrate the potential of Big Data technologies to deliver new digital services in the industrial sector.
OK-INSAID recognizes the potential of industrial data that is far to be exploited by the Italian (and also EU) industries: data is potentially available; industries are not sufficiently able to extract the value (sometimes hidden) “inside” them. To this end, OK-INSAID will adopt and evolve state-of-the-art (mainly open source) technology and define new Data Driven methods for industrial applications.
OK-INSAID proposes a novel approach to industrial analytics based on coordination, synchronization, and collaboration among analytics in cloud and at the edge. The approach will be supported by a reference architecture and a reference implementation to adopt in order to develop novel hybrid cloud-edge industrial analytics for Industry4.0.
The specific innovations introduced by the project are:
• Novel models and methods for industrial data ingestion and integration from many
different heterogeneous sources;
• Novel algorithms and data science methods for generating value and operational
knowledge from Industrial Big Data
• Novel industrial analytics services,
• Advanced methods for industrial data security
• Advanced data visualization methods
The OK-INSAID approach, architecture and reference implementation will be validated and
demonstrated in operational environments provided by AVIO, SACMI, CRF/FCA.