Scientific coordinator:

Università Cattolica
Humanitas University

Type: PRIN 2022

End date: 2025

Start date: 2023

Duration: 24

Overall budget: 250.000

Funding: 205.251

CNR cost: 47.987

CNR funding: 40.601

STIIMA budget: 47.987

STIIMA funding: 40.601

Coordinator: prof. Alberto Albanese

Effects of action observation training and motor imagery delivered by telerehabilitation on mobility, posture and brain plasticity in patients with Parkinson’s disease

The project is aimed at filling a knowledge gap that is critical for the development of telerehabilitation in PD. The three partners have a record of collaborative research experiences and mutual synergies. Unit 1 is dedicated to the neurological workload, including clinical trial design and supervision, and patient selection, assessment, and follow-up. Unit 2 is dedicated to rehabilitation tasks, gait analysis, and brain plasticity investigation. Unit 3 will perform the analysis of muscle synergies on the postural component of movements. This project will provide information to be used by the national health system in the management of patients with PD. The results of this study will fill a current gap in medical knowledge and will contribute to develop recommendations and guidelines for the treatment of PD.