Scientific coordinator:

IRCCS E. Medea – La Nostra Famiglia (IT)
UniverLecco (IT)


End date: 2021

Start date: 2017

Duration: 54

Overall budget: € 1.300.000,00

Funding: € 975.000,00

STIIMA budget: € 860.535,89

STIIMA funding: € 860.535,89

Coordinator: STIIMA-CNR

Rientr@ - simulatore di carrozina al fine di supportare la famigliarizzazione del nuovo utente, il supporto alla riprogettazione degli ambienti di vita e la verifica dei compiti.

The purpose of the Rientr@ project is to design and develop a simulator dedicated to users forced to use a wheelchair after an accident in the workplace. The Rientr@ platform will consist of immersive virtual reality technologies and a mechatronic platform, on which a configurable seat with actuated and sensorized wheels will be mounted, for the simulation of manual driving, and hand and chin joysticks, for the simulation of electronic wheelchairs. The system will allow the user to train in the execution of and in the performance of everyday activities. The training will take place in a safe and ecological environment and will involve the execution of specific tasks, the difficulty of which will be calibrated on the actual abilities of the person, in an outdoor environment, at home and in the office. The training in the simulator will complement the standard INAIL rehabilitation path and – thanks to virtual reality technologies and the mechatronics platform – will allow the user to perform training and self-assessment of their abilities in an environment like the real one.

Alongside the development of the simulator, the project also envisages the development of a decision support system, based on semantic technologies, the purpose of which is to determine the work positions in which the wheelchair user could be reintegrated, starting from the formalization of his state of greeting and therefore from the knowledge of his residual capacities.


Rientr@ Ontology Decision support system (Turtle Syntax)