Scientific coordinator:

IRCCS E. Medea La Nostra Famiglia


End date: 2026

Start date: 2023

Duration: 36

Overall budget: 650.000

Funding: 650.000

STIIMA budget: 650.000

STIIMA funding: 650.000

Coordinator: STIIMA

Consolidamento tecnologico e ampliamento della destinazione d’uso della piattaforma di simulazione Rientr@

Rientr@Returns (R@R) aims to enhance the results of the Rientr@ project (INAIL 2016-2018 research program according to two lines of action:
1) increase the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of the developed solutions through the validation of the two main constituent subsystems: the wheelchair simulation platform and the decision support system (DSS);
2) carry out preparatory research activities to extend the intended use to other types of patients for the improvement, tuning, and scalability of the two aforementioned subsystems.

In particular, we will proceed with studying the variables that influence embodiment, considering factors such as the immersion of the simulator, the presence of haptic stimuli, the interaction mode, the realism, and the characteristics of the avatar. To this end, both objective parameters (physiological signals, EEG, etc.) and subjective variables (engagement, sense of presence, emotions, cognitive workload, usability and acceptability of the system, etc.) will be evaluated to obtain the optimal setup and discern the options for scaling the solution.
Furthermore, the project, taking the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) as a reference, will formalize the description of the various pathologies of interest to Inail patients, their health conditions, and the purpose tuning of the DSS rule system using semantic logic languages, for the generation of inferences (matchmaking). On the basis of this activity, it will be possible to populate an ontological knowledge base and verify the correctness of the inferences extracted for patients with different clinical profiles.