Research areas:

Scientific coordinator:

CNR-ISTEC (Faenza)
UniMI (Università di Milano)
UniBo (Università di Bologna)
Karolinska Institutet (Sweden)

Type: Progetti@CNR

End date: 2024

Start date: 2022

Duration: 24

Overall budget: 161.870

Funding: 161.870

CNR cost: 161.870

CNR funding: 161.870

Coordinator: CNR-ISTEC

Sustainable nanosilver design as prime defence against bacterial colonisations and virus propagation

SANOSIL aims to develop a nano-enabled nasal spray based on AgNPs that blocks and deactivates viruses and in general microorganisms at the entry point, preventing infection to the lower respiratory tract and offering strong support to the COVID-19 pandemic fighting, not only for the present situation but also for possible future outbreaks. SANOSIL will employ nanomaterials that have already demonstrated their efficacy against bacteria and viruses and aim to maximize their antimicrobial activity by coupling organic compounds able to trigger unexplored synergistic effects and emphasize the safety and sustainable profile toward an improved risk/benefit perspective. The presence of a self-sterilizing in-situ barrier directly on the nasal mucosa point of entry will increase the level of protection addressed to commoners as well as healthcare practitioners that will be free to operate with an enhanced degree of safety.

SANOSIL project will condense into the Ag-based nasal spray development all the advancements in material design in order to promote four key requirements: antimicrobial effectiveness, sustainability, easy large-scale transferability, and safety.