Scientific coordinator:

CNR (IT) – Corapack srl (IT)
Mirtilla Bio (IT)
Eco Zinder SpA (IT)
Flanat Research Italia (IT)

Type: POR - FESR

End date: 2022

Start date: 2020

Duration: 31

Overall budget: € 9.794.406,05

Funding: € 4.097.204,20

CNR cost: € 7.597.960,30

CNR funding: € 3.039.184,12

STIIMA budget: € 774.525,00

STIIMA funding: € 309.810,00

sPATIALS3 - Miglioramento delle produzioni agroalimentari e tecnologie innovative per un’alimentazione più sana, sicura e sostenibile

The strategic objective of the sPATIALS3 project is the creation and strengthening of a Lombard network of transversal skills in the agri-food production and human nutrition sector capable of providing technologically advanced solutions to companies in the agri-food sector. The SPATIALS3 HUB that will be developed as part of the project, will include technologies, tools and skills to offer companies customized solutions and applications on specific needs and to meet the needs of the consumer / citizen. The goal of the HUB is to develop, in synergy with companies, better quality food products, both from a nutritional point of view, and for aspects related to quality, safety, traceability and packaging, intended for a large number of consumers, but with particular attention to weaker groups of patients with particular pathologies for whom good quality nutrition can represent an important therapeutic tool to promote well-being and health; providing digital decision-making and motivational tools that help the consumer to maintain proper nutrition education.

STIIMA’s activities within the project include the development of two decision support systems, one aimed at the producer and the other at the consumer, to support the identification of new potential markets of interest and the generation of food plans. customized on the basis, for example, of the consumer’s health condition. In addition, to make the results deriving from reasoning usable in a smart way and to promote effective food education, STIIMA will create digital environments aimed at different age groups and target consumers characterized by particular and / or healthy health conditions.