Scientific coordinator:

ALMA MATERSTUDIORUM Università di Bologna (IT)

Type: H2020

End date: 2021

Start date: 2019

Duration: 20

Overall budget: € 207.500,00

Funding: € 207.500,00

STIIMA budget: € 94.500,00

STIIMA funding: € 94.500,00

Coordinator: STIIMA-CNR

EUROBRENCH: Systematic Test of Exoskeleton Products by a Stairs-based Testbed Evaluation Protocol

STEPbySTEP is funded within the developing framework of Eurobench European project, which aims at creating the first benchmarking infrastructure for robotic systems in Europe ( The framework will allow companies and researchers to test the performance of robots at any stage of development.
In STEPBYSTEP STIIMA is in charge of designing and realizing a reconfigurable stairway for the benchmarking of lower-limb exoskeletons. The components of the stairway are manufactured and assembled in STIIMA shop floor, as well as the electrical system and the wiring of the sensor communication network. The first phase was to design a stairway whose pitch could be easily adjusted. The step heights can be setup by selecting the proper number of steps and linking them using the available insertion slot pattern. The stairway is sensorized with two force plates and four load cells to measure the ground reaction forces and the interaction with the handrail, respectively. EMG is used to monitor the neuromuscolar activation pattern during ascending and descending the staircase. Custom software is being developed to calculate defined metrics for the benchmarking of lower limb exoskeletons. The stairway will be used in the Eurobench facility in Madrid (Spain) dedicated to testing of Wearable Robots.