Scientific coordinator:


Type: PON

End date: 2022

Start date: 2019

Duration: 4

Overall budget: € 4.737.976,25

Funding: € 2.634.065,00

STIIMA budget: € 1.000.000,00

STIIMA funding: € 600.000,00

VRAIL – Virtual and Augmented Reality for Railways

VRAIL is an industrial research project; it intends to develop enabling technologies and methodologies for operators directly involved in the management of the infrastructure, including designers, infrastructure managers, managers and maintenance workers. The idea of the project is to use tools based on non-traditional interaction approaches, such as visual technological solutions and communication technologies including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), but also advanced data processing techniques, such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. In the railway sector, there is still a huge gap between the amount of diagnostic data available and their ability to provide benefit when consulted. Often the data used to guide the decisions of the operators involved remain limited to two-dimensional paper and mobile interfaces. The use of technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and deep learning algorithms will bridge the gap between the enormous amount of data available and the ability to benefit from it. The technologies to be developed will allow on the one hand to use and make available all the diagnostic data of the railway line acquired in the field by sophisticated measurement systems and on the other hand to return information, such as defects, measurement data, etc., insights deriving from sophisticated integrated processing. The design process that will be followed is of the human centered design type, it is based on the active involvement of users, in order to obtain a clear identification of the user requirements, their tasks and the context of use, and an appropriate allocation between users. and system of functions to be developed.