Macro topics aim to develop and integrate digital solutions for the dynamic design and management of corporate, production and business processes. They therefore support people, for example in the production facility, by studying the enterprise as a complex system capable of evolving according to an ongoing innovation process, or in the living environment, through solutions that promote the health and well-being of the individual.

The approach starts from the modelling and formalisation of knowledge and skills to the development of digital tools for specific applications using advanced technologies (e.g. AI, simulation) and providing appropriate interfaces to users (e.g. Virtual Reality environments and Augmented or Mixed Reality applications).

In the industrial field, the need exists for digital tools that support the design, management and prediction of the evolution of production facilities and complex systems, making the virtual representation dynamic and synchronised with reality. The process is supported by methodologies and tools aimed at collecting and systematising information and knowledge, with particular attention paid to the person, when interfacing with the processes and technologies themselves.

The same methodologies and technologies are also applied, following the user-centred approach, to the design and development of virtual and augmented environments for motor and cognitive rehabilitation and for assistance in daily activities.