Macro-topics aim to support the sustainability of products, transformation processes, companies and their industrial ecosystems, in their broadest sense, including economic, environmental and social aspects.

Action is carried out through the innovation of business models, organisation, supply chains, processes and materials, defining and applying structured multi-disciplinary methodologies and approaches in the various sectors.

Enabling technologies are a fundamental factor for innovating strategies, processes and organisations of companies and supply chains in the direction of sustainability.

In particular, research activities cover the following areas: configuration, simulation, risk assessment and management of new business models, in particular circular and high social impact business models; definition of new industrial and organisational processes and of models and tools for the management of operations and the supply chain, as well as of the innovation process; assessment of environmental impacts through product life cycle analysis; application of industrial ecology paradigms such as industrial symbiosis, carbon neutrality and energy efficiency; study of technological, organisational and business model innovation phenomena to transfer indications to policy-makers and develop new standards (strategic roadmapping, technology observatory and policy research, ISO-UNI standards).