Macro topics study methods and tools for the development and analysis of smart mechatronic systems, machines and components. They support conception, design and numerical and experimental analysis, in relation to the function performed and the process implemented (e.g. additive or subtractive) and/or the person interacting with them. Numerical and experimental analysis of energy consumption: identification of critical components and their optimisation.

Actuators, sensors and grippers with flexible, multifunctional and electro-adhesive materials are developed. Conception of new types of mechanisms, including wearable and flexible ones, that can support and assist humans in the domestic, medical and industrial sectors. Systems for recovering energy from renewable sources.

Knowledge of mechatronic systems is also exploited for the development of intelligent controllers, with a view to Industry 5.0: sensing and local signal processing (edge computing) and remote (cloud-based) data collection, processing and knowledge extraction. Machine and process monitoring and diagnostics techniques.