He fell in love with technology and its implications starting from a young age. After his Msc in Computer Science at University of Pisa, he had been employed since September 2003 until January 2012 at Ferrari F1 Racing team at Maranello (Italy) as part of the internal "Research and Development" group involved in the study and technical development of new software tools for vehicle dynamics and driving simulations. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics achieved at Insubria University discussing the thesis titled "An integrative framework for cooperative production resources in Smart Manufacturing". Since February 2012 he is a researcher at the STIIMA-CNR.

Sintesi attività di ricerca: My research activities focus at studying advanced ICT solutions (based on artificial intelligence) to be applied to the industrial sector. The studies are focused in particular on the experimentation of enabling technologies for the creation of the Digital Twin.

Aree di interesse: Study of advanced solutions for the Digital Twin

Titolo di studio: PhD in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics

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