Telefono: 0223699952

Sede di appartenenza: Milano

CNR - STIIMA, Via Corti 12, 20133, Milano, Italy


Marco Leonesio joined CNR - ITIA in 2001 and started working in DASM group (Dynamic Analysis and Simulation of Machinery), coordinated by Giacomo Bianchi. In 2008 he became permanent researcher. Firstly, his activities ranged over multibody modelling and simulation, geometrical calibration of machine tools and parallel manipulators, and mechanism analysis. Since 2004 he started working on metal cutting analysis and simulation, in particular tackling the problem of process stability, integrating theoretical studies with proper experimental tests. He developed cutting process models for the holistic functional simulation of the behavior of a machine tool during cutting. These results are supported by the conception of proper methodologies to design a machine tool aiming at the best functional performance. In the field of mechanism analysis, he has conceived a new approach to assess the self-locking occurrence in closed kinematic chains, that has been the first attempt to tackle this problem in a general way. Recently, he was involved in process monitoring and control of grinding and milling processes.

Aree di interesse: Mechatronic modeling and simulation - Metal cutting - Machining process - Machine tool dynamics - Process monitoring and control - Energy efficiency - Robotics - Mechanism kinematics - Multibody systems

Titolo di studio: M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

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