Sede di appartenenza: Biella

Primo Ricercatore

Sintesi attività di ricerca: Marina Zoccola received a degree in agricultural sciences in 1987. She has been working as researcher at CNR-STIIMA (previously CNR-ISMAC) Biella since 1989. Her principal interests are in the study and characterization of biopolymers and their applications in the industrial and textile field and concerns:
- extraction and valorization in the technological field of proteins obtained from different sources;
- study of green textile process and biomass valorization;
- valorization of natural fibers waste;
- utilization of waste from different fields and its employment in the textile sector.
She participated or has been the scientific responsible of many EU, Cariplo Foundation, POR-FESR Piedmont Region projects and responsible of collaborations between CNR and industrial companies. She is co-author of 46 papers in internationals journals and many conferences proceedings. She has been reviewer for several international journals and supervisor of students in textile or chemical engineering (Politecnico di Torino) and PhD internships. She was professor in training courses in the textile field (Course: Natural and Chemical Fibers - Istituto Tecnico Superiore- Biella).